Is My Child High Functioning?


When a child has autism it is not always extreme.  In fact, there are various levels of autism that range from severe autism to high functioning autism, and there are several levels in between.

When dealing with symptoms of autism it is important to remember that just because your child has a headache it does not mean he has a brain tumor.  Autism is the same way.

High functioning autism, sometimes called Asperger Syndrome is a group of symptoms that are part of the autism spectrum, but allow the child or adult with autism to function well.  Language skills, social skills and repetitive behaviors are three main sets of symptoms of autism.

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In moderate to severe autism one or all of these symptoms are present an individual and they are quite noticeable.  They also impede the individual from interacting in a comfortable way, and they stand in the way of certain types of communication, for instance, eye contact.

One way to check on your child’s growth is to see if the child interacts normally, listens and responds to you and looks at you when you talk.  We are not talking about being shy in this situation.  We are discussing the fact that the child is showing signs of not hearing you or not paying attention to you.

There are issues that come up with high functioning autism such as issues with language and words, not interacting and socializing with other children and all of the other main symptoms of autism.  The difference is that children with high functioning autism are usually average or above average in intelligence.  They are usually passionate about one or two specific topics, don’t like “small talk” and often have a hard time organizing time, managing conflict and don’t do well with crowds, such as at the mall.

If you are seeing some of these symptoms in your child, it is best to have a pediatrician who is experienced treating autism give you a diagnosis after performing a thorough examination on your child.

There are many methods of treating autism and many new ways of improving symptoms, including diet.  Once you have determined whether your child has autism, explore the ways to treat it that feel right to you.  Do your best and make the most of your situation.  You might be surprised at just how well things go.

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