Asperger Syndrome Can be Overwhelming

Children with Asperger Syndrome have the intelligence to have success in school but they often do not have the emotional strength to cope with the demands of the classroom. These children are easily stressed due to their inflexibility and low self-esteem. They are often very self-critical and unable to tolerate making mistakes. Children with Asperger Syndrome may be prone to depression. Temper outbursts are a common response to stress and frustration. These children rarely seem relaxed and are easily overwhelmed when things are not the way they think they should be. Interacting with people and coping with the ordinary demands of everyday life take continual effort. If you think your child has symptoms of depression, talk with your child and your child’s doctor. 

Let your child know that you’re there whenever he or she needs you. Say this over and over again — your child may need to hear it a lot because he or she feels unworthy of love and attention. Remember, kids who are depressed see the world through “dark lenses” because their experiences are colored by their depression. They might act like they don’t want help or might not even know what they are really experiencing. It’s important to let your child know that you understand what he or she might be going through and that you’re going to seek an expert opinion to find a way to make life easier.

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